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ACME GUARD is a leading provider of security services in Sydney and NSW. We have the experience, expertise and professionalism to give you total peace of mind.

Highly trained and experienced guards

Our guards have the training, qualifications and experience to provide outstanding security service in any situation or setting.

Courteous and discreet service

As well as outstanding security service, we place a high emphasis on customer service, professionalism and discretion.

Tailored security solutions

We can work with you to provide custom solutions for your unique security needs.

With Acme Guard as your security partner, words like external threat become meaningless

Provide bank-level security to people and assets around you with our tailored and world-class security services

From security guards for general protection to special event security in Sydney, Acme Guard is the number one choice when it comes to private security companies sydney with a wide array of security services in Sydney and security guards in sydney. We use the best technology and manpower in order to keep you and your people completely safe from each and every possible threat. Pocket-friendly pricing and no involvement of contracts

Our wide range of security services in Sydney. Acme Guard is one of the finest security companies in Sydney.

  • Sydney Security Guards

We have some of the most seasoned, certified, skilled, and dedicated Sydney security guards in our company, and they are always equipped with the latest technologies and a seamless communication channel in order to provide 360-degree security. 

We will go through your needs and then assign the most appropriate security guard or team of security guards according to your situation. Some of the best common security services offered by our security guards are general security, private party security, Sydney hotel security, and much more.

  • Special event security

Keeping your special event away from any type of external threat is no more an issue as Acme Guard is here as the most trusted security guard companies in Sydney. We have been keeping special events safe and secure for many years, and that’s why clients trust us when it comes to the security of such kinds of occasions. 

From trade shows to product launches, we provide security for a wide range of special events so that instead of worrying about external threats, all you have to focus on is making the event successful.

  • Commercial security

We can keep your commercial building secure through our advanced private security services. Before moving on with sydney security guard hiring, we will analyze your commercial building, look for loopholes, and understand the type of security it requires. 

Such type of approach allows us to construct the best security measures and protocols while assigning the best people for the job. There are many commercial buildings in Sydney that are kept safe by us, and you can also join the list of safest commercial buildings in Sydney by choosing our private security services.

  • Private security services

With private security becoming crucial in Sydney, especially for businesses organizing parties and launches on a regular basis, Acme Guard brings you the most trusted, pocket-friendly, and reliable private security services. With our pool of some of the best security guards in Sydney and years of experience, we can keep your guests, employees, visitors, and yourself completely secure. Our private security services are surely the highlight of our company. You can trust us when it comes to security services because we provide the best people and technology.

Why Acme Guard as your sydney security partner?

  • Trained and efficient team

We offer the best security guard services because we only pick the cream of the crop when it comes to security guards and other security professionals. Even after hiring the best from the industry, we provide training and skill development sessions on a regular basis because we know when it comes to private security, then there is no room for error.

  • 24*7 monitoring

It doesn’t matter whether you have overtime in your commercial building or you are just looking forward to an always available security service, through our 24/7/365 monitoring, you will stay safe round the clock. We are never at rest when it comes to security services, and that’s why you can trust us for a security guard for hire in Sydney.

  • Best technology

Our customers trust us as we one of the best security companies sydney because we implement the best technology. Whether it is the use of a simple wireless communication system or GPS tracking of our sydney security guards, we always use the best and latest technological solution in order to provide security services. We keep tabs on the latest technological innovations related to private security, and we use them as soon as possible.

  • Most reliable service

We offer the best security agency services because all our services are highly reliable. Our unique, economical, and perfectly managed security services allow you to make the most of private security services without burning a hole in your pocket and without going through any type of hassle and it makes us one of the best security companies in sydney.



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